To date: 28/02/2022

Quantity: 1

Working form: Full-time

Job description:

– Arrange and organize meetings at the request of the General Director and meetings between departments according to work requirements.

– Secretary of meetings and drafting internal documents.

– Arrange and remind the working schedule, meeting schedule, business trips, meetings of the General Director.

– Assist the General Director in coordinating work with departments and partners. – Receive and check the content of information, documents and documents sent to the CEO and report to the CEO for timely handling.

– Communicate ideas/directions and decisions of the General Director to relevant individuals and departments and monitor, urge and inspect the work of related departments according to the content communicated.

– Support Departments/Departments/Regions in implementing goals, plans and policies as assigned by the CEO.


– Female 20-28 years old can communicate in English and Chinese.

– Able to work long term.

– University degree in Finance, Economics, Business Administration or related discipline

– Prior experience in a similar position is preferred.

– Good communication, negotiation, behavior and presentation skills – Good writing, reporting, synthesizing and analyzing skills

– Logical thinking, effective problem solving skills

– Careful, high responsibility in

– Organizational, management and work pressure skills – Fluently use office informatics

Welfare regime

– Probation salary 12 million, official 15 million (2 months probation).

– Opportunity to participate in training and capacity development courses

– Participating in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance.

– Participate in teambuildings and vacation activities.

– Friendly and stable working environment

Contact: 0936 09 09 93

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