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Coming to our restaurant, customers will feel a sense of closeness and comfort since the decorated items are closely related to the restaurant's name, they are terracotta pots, wood stoves, decorative products woven from bamboo, a symbol of Vietnam’s countryside along with different typical dishes with a unique style of Tho Dat Restaurant. Our beloved customers who have used Tho Dat’s service have given us favor with beloved words like "Cozy - Luxury - Comfortable".

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Customers have a chance to enjoy a unique taste from more than 50 famous and colorful Chinese special dishes made by top chefs with 20 years of experience. Each dish will be a journey that brings you closer to the culture and traditions of China.


Our restaurant bring you the color of Chinese cuisine. Special dishes loved most by many people are Chinese soups stewed for many hours, giving diners a delicious and nutritious taste such as pork rib and chicken leg stewed with red apple and lotus root, Pork brains stewed, Chicken stewed with herbs, etc. All dishes made from chicken are mostly favored by diners because of unique and varied recipe of our restaurant which keep fresh taste of chicken meat. In addition, the restaurant has cool drinks such as orange lemongrass peach tea, aloe vera, rice milk, etc. that help you to purify body and beautify skin.


A simple and polished design that keeps the pure traditional beauty, showing its neatness and cleanliness by the openness in space, and the harmony in each item that helps customers to feel the most comfortable while enjoying food here. A spacious space suitable for organizing parties.


We always please our customers by whole-hearted care and service from our staffs. We are confident to say that we will serve you delicious dishes with high aesthetics thanks to the sophisticated processing and decoration made by dedicated and experienced chefs.


We serve special and varied dishes.


Serve dishes in menu


We accept order for parties of birthday, conference and others.


Space here is open, airy, comfortable, luxurious. So it is suitable for eating to recover energy.


Let’s enjoy a wonderful breakfast with efficient nutrition at Tho Dat Restaurant to get positive energy back for the whole day: Nam Vang Rice Noodle, Braised Beef with Bread, Dry Noodles with Char Siu Sauce, Sauté Diced Beef, etc.


Typical rice dishes with the yellow from chicken broth, the fatty taste in each rice eaten with dishes such as: Tho Dat boiled chicken, Cantonese soy sauce chicken, Tho Dat char siu, vegetable dishes and chinese soups for a full feeling of family meal.


Chinese cuisine not only focuses on taste but also greatly appreciates nutritional value as well as the way food combined together. In which, stewed soups have been being loved to improve resistance and health.


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