Health benefits of black ginseng

28 February, 2022

Through rigorous processing methods with many times of steaming and drying, black ginseng becomes a precious medicinal herb that brings many health benefits.

Hắc sâm có nhiều công dụng vượt trội hơn cho sức khỏe. Ảnh: Daedong Korea Ginsen

In Eastern medicine, ginseng is considered the top tonic of the 4 top-class medicines (Ginseng, Nhung, Cinnamon, and Phu), helping to improve health, prevent disease and prolong life. In order to maximize the use of this herb, Koreans have researched and developed technology for processing and preserving fresh ginseng into red ginseng and black ginseng. In particular, black ginseng (also known as black ginseng) is considered a great product thanks to its outstanding high content of saponin, Rg3, Rh.

Black ginseng usually undergoes 9 times of steaming and drying and is exposed to the sun for a long time, helping ginseng convert the large crude ginseng saponins (ginsenosides) into small forms (sol to gel), making it easier for the body to absorb absorbed and digested much more than traditional ginseng and red ginseng. According to studies, this processing process not only changes the color of ginseng but also increases the nutritional content of ginseng.

As a result, black ginseng has many more outstanding health benefits such as: supporting the ability to inhibit tumors, inhibit platelet aggregation in cancer treatment, support blood sugar control, enhance immunity and improve the immune system. resistance, increased saponin absorption thanks to the active ingredient Compound K (CK).

Cao Hắc sâm Ginssen Black Ginseng Essence. Ảnh: Daedong Korea Ginsen
Ginssen Black Ginseng Essence. 

In Vietnam, consumers can look to reputable brands like Daedong Korea Ginseng to buy ginseng products. This is one of the leading ginseng manufacturers sponsored by the Korean government and has been present in the Vietnamese market for more than 13 years. Daedong focuses on ensuring that the input materials are premium ginseng over 6 years old with advanced preservation and preparation processes to ensure that there is no loss of nutrients.

Daedong Korea Ginseng currently offers products from red ginseng, tai chi, black ginseng, fermented ginseng and other nutritious herbal ingredients-based combination products. In particular, the outstanding product is Ginssen Black Ginseng Essence, which is made from raw materials of fresh ginseng grown in a high standard process at the “Korean ginseng barn” Geumsan. Daedong black ginseng extract is made entirely of high-grade black ginseng concentrate with ginsenoside Rg1 Rb1 Rg3 7mg/g, solid ingredients over 60%, mixing ratio of whole black ginseng ingredients (70% main root, 30% accessory roots). The product is manufactured using modern processing technology (Fusion & Elvan) which is strictly controlled to help ensure the highest saponin and polysaccharide content.

Cao hắc sâm của Daedong đã được bình chọn là Sản phẩm văn hóa xuất sắc 2017 bởi Bộ Văn hóa, Thể Thao và Du lịch Hàn Quốc. Ảnh: Daedong Korea Ginsen
Daedong’s black ginseng was voted “Excellent Cultural Product 2017” by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Photo: Daedong Korea Ginseng

With great health benefits, Ginssen Black Ginseng Essence is also considered as a high-class gift of natural origin, valuable for use, practical, and in line with reality.

Ginssen Black Ginseng Essence health food

Target users: people who need to improve their health, tired workers, people who need to work with high concentration, people who want to slow down the aging process

How to use: Adults take 3 times a day, 1 teaspoon each time (equivalent to 1g) mixed with 80 ml of hot or cold water, stir well and drink directly. Children from 6-15 years old use 3 times a day with 1/2 teaspoon attached.

Origin: Korea – Daedong Korea Ginseng co.,Ltd

Address: 586 Gunbuk-ro, Gunbuk-myeon, Geumsan, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.

Information of Importers and Distributors: VHP Import-Export and Trading Co., Ltd

Order genuine products of Daedong Korean Ginseng at Website or e-commerce sites Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, Sendo, Azooo, Meta.

Hotline: 1900888856
This food is not a medicine and is not a substitute for medicine.